About Val

Val McKinley empowers individuals, couples, and families. She is a relationship and communication educator and therapist.

I am a married mother of four successful children now in their twenties and early thirties and have one grandchild. I worked full time as a Speech and Language Pathologist in the public schools, specializing in developing communication and social skills, modifying behavior, and teaching literacy skills. In my spare time, I like to read, walk, swim, and enjoy the company of my family and friends.

Prioritize Relationships® originated in 2005. Since then, I have created research-based, interactive communication products designed to take the guesswork, confusion, and discomfort out of building strong relationships. Simultaneously, these tools serve to remind people to interact with each other in loving, emotionally intelligent ways. In addition to creating these products, I have also become certified to teach various relationship education courses.

My passion is interacting with and empowering individuals, couples, and families, tailoring my services to help people achieve their goals and change their lives. To that end, Prioritize Relationships® has evolved into what is now a service-based company. I have positively impacted many people over the last 39 years as a regular classroom teacher, a self-contained classroom teacher, marriage educator, speech and language pathologist, and speaker. I have been walking the talk in my second marriage for ten years now. All my experiences have prepared me to help you love your life!